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BCSC Beach Club House ReGeneration

Commodore update 16th February 2023

“Well, you may remember after we cleared the Boat Park and Beach Club House that works for the new Club House started back in October last year, following visits by Building Control and the Ecological Assessor (for the bats).  After some prep work, the footings were dug out, and the concrete foundations were laid for the walls forming the forward extension and new stairs, as well as “pads” to support the vertical steelwork required.  We then moved on to demolishing most of the old Club House i.e. the interior walls, the roof, the first floor walls, the balcony, all the floors and joists and then the old ground floor front walls.  After this, the new walls for the forward extension were started, and a concrete ring beam on top of the remaining walls was built in readiness for the steels. The steels arrived just before Christmas and were put in over three days.  Once the steelwork was in, we were able to finish erecting the scaffold; the back and sides had been put up earlier, so it was just the front that went up, including some plastic sheeting to protect the building (and the builders!) from the worst of the wind and rain.

Since the New Year, despite some cold and wet weather, most of the blockwork has been completed and rendered, the floor joists are all in, all the supporting stud work has been completed, and the flat roof structure has been finished.  Most recently, the roof trusses have been put up, so we’ve been able to lay the very expensive (!) bat-friendly roof membrane, and we’ve now started boarding the new first-floor walls (as of 11th February).

It is safe to say it’s not all been plain sailing (excuse the pun!) as we’ve experienced delays with some materials e.g. the steels, work by South West Water to move the water meter and with the cold weather, especially the precast stairs were late arriving as they had to be remade. Plus, we have had challenges getting some deliveries down the hill and under the bridge, especially the roof trusses and stairs!  We are managing the work (and our funds) closely but already realise we will not make our hoped-for completion date of the end of March, and its more likely to be the end of April now.

Please watch out for more updates and photographs as the work continues to progress




We are still Crowdfunding for our Beach Clubhouse ReGeneration, so PLEASE help if you can!

Thank you to our sponsors.


This project will not just benefit members. Oddicombe Beach has a Blue Flag award and is renowned for being one of the prettiest beach locations in the country.

So once again, PLEASE help. We are so close to achieving this goal, and your donation, however small, will make a big difference. Thank you