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Autumn & Winter Sailing @ Babbacombe

Welcome to our extended season.

We have had alot of interest from member sailors asking to continue our sailing further for this year, so we are pleased to announce we have extended our season for the foreseeable future.

We aim to provide a normal Sunday 9.30am session right up until the middle of December or as far as we have interest.

It is important to highlight that our extended season is led by our sailors! If you want to sail you must pop your name down on Dutyman. As soon as we have enough helms, this then allows our volunteers to populate Dutyman. It is unfair in the off season to expect safety boaters to come down if no sailors turn up. So it is up to us sailors to get our names down first. Sailors can then help further by asking registered safety boaters to support. I hope this makes sense! We need at least five dinghies to sail in each session. 

If anyone needs help setting up Dutyman, please let us know at babbacombe.corinthians@gmail.com

It is also important to make sure you check our Facebook page the night before. At 9pm we will post if the session is cancelled due to poor weather or not enough interest.  No post means it’s a go!

A few club rules from the VC

‘This extended season is intended to be demand-led and self-regulating. So IF we have enough participants AND we all sign up on Dutyman, then the session is a go!

Let’s agree that if Dutyman has insufficient slots signed up to by 9pm on the evening before the session, the session will be deemed cancelled. We will all need to get used to using and checking Dutyman.

I am sure our sailors agree our safety boaters and beach teams have done a great job this season who I am sure are looking forward to a well earned rest. If you want to sail, please help us in asking any available volunteers to fill the slots.  

The minimum turn out needs to be:

  • 2 x safety boats
  • 5 x dinghies
  • one Beachmaster.

Each safety boat to be manned by two qualified drivers. Beachmaster to also do registration (or recruit help). Each dinghy helmed by min L2/S2/competent helm. One of the safety boaters will be nominated as having overall control/responsibility for the session.

  • These are club rules based on safety and must be followed.’

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